I'm not a very good runner, so I don't think I can do it.

Wrong! Any skill level can participate. If you're interested in running and are willing to try, then YES YOU CAN! Our running club is a safe place to learn and explore your interests without judgment and in a positive team environment. Trying is half the battle and, if you're reading this, you're almost there! Come on out!

Can I compete?

Yes, of course! There are a variety of competitive opportunities throughout the year and for most age groups. Tell the coach what you'd like to do and she'll help you get there!

Do I have to compete?

Absolutely not. Competition is only useful when the athlete is physically and mentally ready to race. Competition is a good measure of one's progress and is encouraged, but never forced upon athletes. It's your call.

Do I have to attend every practice?

Again, this comes down to each athlete's goals and individual needs. If the athlete means to get serious about running, then, yes, attending practices is strongly encouraged. If the athlete would like to use running practices to supplement another sports' season such as soccer or football, then fewer practices might be in order. The coach makes every effort to tailor a program specific to each athlete and requires such conversation at the beginning of each season via goal setting.

Isn't it bad for young kids to start running?

No, however; poor training and coaching is. A 6th-grader should not and will not train the same way an 11th-grader will. A well-coached 6th-grader running amongst older runners gets to see the incentives to routine training and practices; join in a special peer group of fellow athletes and mentors; and is more likely to be motivated during workouts. Conversely, older athletes assume leadership, mentorship and other important life skills while enjoying running in a team environment.

Some History:

Boulder Valley School District voted to stop funding middle level running in 2011, which meant that Nederland Middle School could no longer promote or be responsible for (liability) such programs. To IPR - a privately organized run club - this did not mean running could or should not happen in the area and thus this privately-funded and independently-run program. We are still a running community and have every reason to be proud participants in the sport.

2014 marked a NEW Chapter for middle school cross country running! We are back in the NMSHS as a pilot program! Stay tuned for great things!

UPDATE! 2015 was the pilot year for BVSD MS XC running. The season was 4 weeks long with 2 meets.

E-mail the coach: jen@indianpeaksrunning.com