Indian Peaks' Winter Conditioning Program

Is your sport's season over? Want to stay fit between seasons? Need something to do during our long winters? Want to try something new?

Then this is the program for you!

Designed for youth between 5th and 8th grades, this program includes running, swimming, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, gym sports, and FUN throughout the winter months in the Peak to Peak Region. No experience necessary, just a willingness to participate and learn.

Dare to try us out soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, or other running athletes; musicians, actors, artists, dancers and everybody else!


2014 Practices
January 30 - March 28, 2014
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (some Saturdays, too)
3:45 - 5:30 pm

At the Teen Center!


1. Annual membership to Indian Peaks Running


2. $100/middle school participant OR $65/5th-grade participant
    Discounts available for families with more than one participant/program.


3. $40 for an 8-visit punch card

Registration/For Your First Practice
1. Complete the Indian Peaks Annual Membership Form     (if you ran middle school xc last year, you're already a member and can skip this step!)
2. Complete the Club Registration/Liability Form (needs only to be filled out once a calendar year)
3. Review and sign the Athletes' Expectations' Form
4. Complete Season Goals' Form
    *Help me help you by completing this! Goals are just as if not more important than what we do at practice!*

What does a Practice look like?

All practices will begin and end at the Nederland Teen Center unless otherwise noted. We will have a number of different activities planned for the season such as Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and even a basketball clinic, that will change our practice locations. Coach will plan these special days for Fridays (so that our 5th graders and GILPIN KIDS can join us!) and give plenty of forewarning via our group e-mail.

Being ready for practice means that athletes will have water, healthy snacks, a wrist watch, headlamp/flash light, and appropriate clothing for exercise and our mountain afternoon winter weather; and pre- and post-workout clothing such as sweatsuits, hats, gloves, dry shirts, socks, etc. We will be outside AND inside most days, so having hats, gloves, lights/something reflective is a good idea!

More about the program
Many sports seasons are designed to achieve a competitive goal. Winter Conditioning is simply focused around good old fashioned, active fun. We run, play games, swim, snowshoe, ski, etc. Another major component to Winter Conditioning is body-based strength and flexibility and of which participants will get every day. In other words, we get to spend a lot more time on core, arms, and injury prevention exercises than we might during a competitive season.

Winter Conditioning, like all of Indian Peaks' Running programs, aims to create lifetime habits around physical activity. By creating an opportunity for a group to try out lots of different activities during the darkest, coldest days of Winter, we hope to reveal that staying active year-round is not only possible, but fun!

You can also contact Coach Jen with any additional fee/registration questions; jen at indianpeaksrunning dot com.

Adult Winter Conditioning
- stay tuned. It's going to happen this year! I promise. :)